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Small House

Gerani, Crete

Pandrossou Str.

Apartment Building Conversion


The “small house” was designed as a new hospitality model, in the surrounding area of an existing hotel unit in Crete. It is a housing unit for 2 to 4 persons, furnished with all the essentials for independent habitation, while it is located in a site of systematized hospitality. The “small house” is situated in the garden of the hotel and the main purpose of the design is its incorporation into the environment, through its simplicity and the clarity of the volume, the openings and its materiality. The standardization of the square openings-frames and the vertical openings-accesses, as well as the relation between them, creates ambiguities regarding the function of the residence’s interior, reinforcing its independence and its sculptural dimension. Looking outside, the square openings frame selected views of the garden.

Design Team:
Agapi Proimou
Completed 2015


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