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Platys Gialos


Apartment Building Conversion

Apartment in Athinas Street


This study concerns the construction of a hotel complex with seven floor rooms ranging from 25 to 30 m², a reception and breakfast area of 50 m², an underground spa area, auxiliary functional areas for the hotel and an underground parking area. Each room has a large outdoor courtyard with a small water tank.
The main idea of the entire study is based on the development of the ground floor building volume according to the scaled section of the site's soil so that the new hotel unit can be gradually developed in relation to the ground. The hotel rooms, in pairs, are located on different levels. Those located at higher altitudes in the section use the roofs of the rooms located at the immediately lower level as an outdoor space. Therefore, the outdoor space that corresponds to each hotel room is of equivalent square meters with its interior.

Design Team:
Agapi Proimou, Lefteris Michaloutsos, Constantinos Moustakis
Civil Engineer:
Manos Kyriazis
Mechanical Engineer:
Nikos Nakos
In progress


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