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The holiday residence is located in a touristic resort in northern Crete, on the outskirts of a unified landscape of hotel complexes, dining areas and consumer stores with scattered traces of the old settlement. There is, already, on the plot a stone building from the early 20th century and the new residence follows its structural design, which is designed with load-bearing stonework while differing in geometry to serve the functional program in a new way.
Two stone volumes with roofs accommodate the private spaces of two bedrooms, their bathrooms and open towards two private courtyards in the south. The intermediate space between them is covered by a flat roof, housing the living room of the residence, while opening towards both the north and the south. The geometry of the volume protects the residence from the road while providing privacy to the northern external formation with a swimming pool. The openings towards the north are small and the walls have the largest possible surface area, while the openings towards the southern courtyards are larger. The stone walls are rough and colored, and the volume is unified and compact, reminiscent of the shells of traditional houses in the region.

Design Team:
Agapi Proimou, Lefteris Michaloutsos, Constantinos Moustakis
In Progress


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