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Family House

Voula, Athens

The Relevant Landscape

Summer House


The residence was designed for a 4-member family that was just moving from abroad to Greece. Their site of choice has an amazing view of the city, the sea and even islands of Argosaronikos as a background. It is found in an area with intense topography and high building factor in small plots. The request was a single-family house, not isolated but with potential of maximum privacy, both for the interior and the exterior spaces, as well as their organic connection. The study aimed to the openning of the residence to the view and the design of interior and exterior spaces, that can be unified visually as well as functionally. The goal was accomplished through the construction of a rectangular frame at the boundaries of the site, with a geometry that would frame the view and the garden from the interior of the house and would act as a background from the exterior spaces and as a protection wall from the public street and the next door residences.

Design Team:
Agapi Proimou, Panayotis Malefakis
Study 2005

Private Architectureal Competiton

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