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Info Box

Platanias, Crete

La Cigale Patisserie

Installation at the EMST


“Info Box” was designed and constructed for the Municipality of Platanias, as a visitors’ information kiosk, for the summer season. The info box is placed at the central square of the settlement. It is equipped with wheels, in order to be able to move to different spots on the square, as well as to be conveniently stored during the winter. When it’s closed, its dimensions are 1 m. width, 3 m. length and 2.5 m. height. The interior space contains 1 desk, 1 small fridge, 1 seat and 10 cubes that act at the same time as seats and as storage. When it is open, it defines a covered space and a platform of 3 x 3.2 m. The cubes are spread in the platform, so that the visitors can accommodate themselves in a shaded seating area when they are looking for information. The info box is made of a metal framework and plywood coating.

Design Team:
Agapi Proimou
Completed 2012

Outdoor Installation

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