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Summer House

Theologos, Phthiotis

Family House

Apartment in Kypseli


The 65 square meter vacation house was designed for a young couple that lives abroad and spends two months every summer in Theologos, combining vacation with work. The living space is located on the first level, while the workspace, as well as the bedroom on the second. The kitchen and bathroom are found at the intermediate level. There are no walls separating the different activities in the house, except the enclosure of the bathroom. The first and second level are in constant communication through an interior atrium of double height, that separates the bedroom from the workspace and defines the main entrance of the residence. The house is an empty box made of concrete and the wooden structures of the interior arrange areas of potential use in a continuous fluid 3-dimensional space.

Design Team:
Agapi Proimou
Completed 2005


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