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Schisma Square

Elounda, Crete

Koum Kapi Waterfront

Venice Biennale


The proposal investigates the potential of the waterfront of a small settlement to become the main public space of the broader area. The design strategy aims for the maximum appropriation of the free spaces by the pedestrians, the residents and the visitors throughout the day and throughout the seasons. This is achieved with the creation of areas of different character and orientation. The urban square is defined by the neighboring facades and the roadway and is referring to services and retail, while the cultural square is designed as an open space of multiple activities and possibilities, parallel to the promenade on the sea edge. The park is located parallel to the promenade with areas of green and recreation programs, from the cultural square up to the municipal beach. The activation of the space is important for the transition of the settlement from just a transitive and touristic non place into a cultural, commercial, and recreational center for the surrounding area. The new Schisma Square focuses on the reconnection to the landscape and the hinterland. The proposal creates a field of forces and views that acts as a mechanism of orchestration of the heterogeneity, of the variety of uses, of seasons and historical periods and resumes our investment in the place.

Design Team:
Agapi Proimou, Stella Pantelia, Rania Papamattheou
Ilias Papailiakis, Lefteris Michaloutsos, Ilias Matsas
Study 2012

Architectural Competition

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