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Marousi, Athens

Office Building

First Love Playback


The project Letterscape is an installation of 4-meters-high and 2x3,5-meters-wide metal constructions forming the name of THE MALL. The 3-dimensional letters are situated on a wide, empty and windy oval-shaped terrace of The Mall Athens, a rather transitional space where people move from the train and the bus stops to the L2 entrance of the shopping center or the street. The open-air terrace is elevated above the street level, with a fine view of the Imittos mountain and the surrounding cityscape, but was initially lacking urban furniture that could accommodate any type of activity. The installation of Letterscape serves this particular purpose – among others –: it creates an urban landscape that can be inhabited by people, as a seating or play area. At the same time it organizes the space, creates an entrance corridor and - from a specific point of view – presents the brand name of THE MALL ATHENS as a sign. The 3-dimensional metal constructions transform the letter-symbols into useful 3-dimensional spaces or urban furniture: a bench, a bed, a canopy, a planter, a gate, a wall, a slider, etc. At the same time they serve as a symbolic background for photos and selfies. The red color of the letters – the color of the original logo – makes them look like gigantic playful pieces of sculpture, while the perforated skin creates interesting motifs of light, allowing for various levels of transparency. The skin and the inner structure of the installation form a single structural system that strengthens the homogenous, abstract nature of Letterscape.

Design Team:
Agapi Proimou, Stella Pantelia, Zoe Balabani, Virginia Malami
Civil Engineer:
Manos Kyriazis
Metal Construction:
Con Metal Systems-Myzithras O.E.
Ion Papaspirou(tokomburu), Kostas Gikas
Completed December 2014

Outdoor Installation

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