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Garden in Akrotiri

Chania, Crete

Apartment in Kypseli

Perforated Solid


The house in Akrotiri floats in its plot, isolated, related to the exterior landscape only visually and from a distance on the elevated terrace. Since it was surrounded by a large area of pines and olive trees, the desire of the residents was the design of an intermediate area that connects the house with the surrounding space as well as the entrance to the site. The design proposal initially defines a paved road and a parking space for the family car and the access to the house entrance. Around the house, in the landscape and among the trees, relaxation areas are organized along with a playground and walkways. The new outdoor spaces introduced in the garden and the paths are defined by different combinations of a single unit of a common concrete plate. The boundaries of the new surface are organic and fluid. The units arrange dilutions and densities to provoke different modes of movement and walking pace to all points of interest across the landscape.

Design Team:
Agapi Proimou, Panayotis Malefakis
Completed 2006


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