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First Love Playback

Chora Theatre, Athens


Expo Kiosk


The scenography for the theatrical play First Love Playback by Samuel Beckett aims to connect the spectators’ space immediately to the screen, where the graphic animations designed by the artist Alexandros Psychoulis are previewed. The structure where the actor moves, in front of the screen, is 8 meters wide, 5 meters tall and just 1meter deep. The structure abolishes the depth of the classical theatrical stage, and attempts to describe the motion of the actor as the motion of a dot in the pixels of a screen. The structure itself is constantly transformed because of the changing formations of light of the moving image on the screen. It exists as long as the screen is illuminated and is inscribed in the boundaries of the image. The construction is the extension of the actor’s shadow in space.

Design Team:
Agapi Proimou
Completed 2004

Scenography Installation

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