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False Perspective

Marousi, Athens

Venice Biennale

Mall Cleaning Stations


In the context of the collaboration with The Mall shopping center in the times of the Greek financial crisis, the problem of the empty, inactive shops that appear as black holes in an environment of commercial prosperity was highlighted. The assignment regarded the conception of an idea for the camouflage of black holes. The first concept was about the design of an abstract perspective visualization of a grid that unfolds and reveals the next space, exactly as the shops act as receivers of multiple identities in the course of time. The idea of the false perspective expanded to several blind spaces of the shopping mall, beyond the facades of the empty shops, spaces not accessible to the public. The construction of a new imaginary world or the reproduction of situations from the urban environment, abstract in their conception, softens to some extent the heterogeneity of the environment and connects the interior of the shopping mall to the city.

Design Team:
Agapi Proimou, Stella Pantelia, Virginia Malami
Completed 2014-2016

Indoor Installation

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