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Macedonian Museum of Modern Art, Thessaloniki

Office Building


The territory of the city is the prime field where are captured all forces (political, economic, social, environmental) which co-shape the modern public space and determine its identity. The investigation into the educational process of new approaches to the organization, planning and the materiality of the urban soil raises crucial questions for the contemporary urban space and its phenomena, and contribute with specific architectural proposals to the debate on the future physiognomy of our cities. The work presented in this exhibition is studying the transformations of the city’s territory through different approaches and planning scales. All projects, each from a different perspective, attempt to identify and analyze the particular landscape elements of the environment within which are inserted (dense tissue, suburbs, suburban landscape, etc.) and give birth to new situations and forms of public space. The whole work is developed in a geographical territory, which extends in the South-Eastern European region (Nicosia, Athens, Patras, Aegean cities in Italy, and Barcelona). The structure of the exhibition is based on the link between these different locations that is their place of origin, the Patras University Campus. Visitors strolling the exhibition can find out about educational life in the Architecture School of Patras, about students and tutors and the familiar surroundings.

Design and Curation:
Agapi Proimou, Constantinos Grivas
Academic Supervisor:
Yannis Aesopos
Presented 2012

Workshop Exhibition

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