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Stone building restoration

Platanias, Crete

New City Hall Complex

Switch Design Agency


The old stone building, constructed at the beginning of the 20th century, is situated in the touristic settlement Platanias Kydonias, on the northern part of Crete. During the years, the building has suffered many interventions, hosted different uses and ended up being a ruined enclosure. The restoration method regarded mild interventions to the outline of the building, which would not change its initial texture and structure. During the restoration process, the new program, a restaurant, was decided. The conversion of the building into a restaurant was based on contemporary techniques and materials. The interior space remained empty and the only addition was an open loft along the main space, a metal staircase, new lavatories and kitchen. The outdoor area of the restaurant was designed around the building as a set of plateaus, covered areas, intermediate gardens and movement paths. Concrete walls that reach different heights, wooden corridors and metallic pergolas arrange a set of relations for the above collection of areas. The pergolas are black metallic structures, the paths are wooden platforms and the plateaus are coated with a pattern of grey and white cement plates.

Design Team:
Agapi Proimou
Civil Engineer:
Fotis Polatos
Completed 2009


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