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Perforated Solid

Platanias, Crete

Garden in Akrotiri

New City Hall Complex


The building is located in a tourist resort town on the northern side of West Crete at the limits of an urban landscape dominated by hotel complexes, restaurants and folkloric shops which however have not yet eradicated the traces of the older settlement. The idea for the layout departs from a monolithic solid object, an abstract jacket permeated by perforations and openings in order to establish eclectic affinities with its environment as well as visual frames of the mountainous inland and the sea. The north-south axis is transparent, connecting the sea to the mountains, allowing the air currents to circulate during summer time and cool down the interior space and leaving the winter sun freely bathe the space. The open corner marking the entrance reveals the beginning of the staircase leading to the first floor, underneath a large skylight roof. Once on the first floor, another large opening dominates the eastern wall and functions like an observatory of the traditional settlement. The roof is tilted to the south paying tribute to the old roofs of the area. The surrounding area is marked by a wooden corridor-catwalk leading from the road to the building via the yard and concluding with a ramp which ends in the parking lot, found on a lower level than the building front. Building construction materials and functions aim at clarity and succinct handling in order to createan atmosphere of repose in a heterogeneous environment burdened with multiple signifiers and identities.

Design Team:
Agapi Proimou, Lefteris Michaloutsos
Completed 2011


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