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Charma Cretan Brewery

Zounaki, Crete

3 Summer Houses

Preservation and reuse of a listed building


The expansion of the beer production unit in the village Zounaki in Crete’s mainland aims to host visitors, introducing them to the process of beer production and engaging them in the magnificent landscape. The assignment concerned the design of the reception areas, the shop, the snack-bar and the visitors’ path between the facilities and the landscape. The main idea is the partial opening up of the industrial building achieving mutual transparency towards the production unit as well as the landscape. The snack bar is located on the ground floor, while the seminar room is found on the first floor. A semitransparent metal grid covers the whole southern glass facade as a protective skin when the snack bar is closed, otherwise it serves as a pergola for the exterior sitting. The mobile metal construction does not prohibit the function of the unit as a vertical surface and the transit of big vehicles for product transportation. Above all, it constructs a strong image and a story for the brewery’s branding.

Design Team:
Agapi Proimou, Virginia Malami
Study 2015


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