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Faros Hotel

Stalos, Crete

Switch Design Agency

Linear Park


The renovation of Faros Hotel in Stalos, Crete, opted for a new image and a new concept of hospitality in a small hotel complex that was constructed gradually during the 80’s in three buildings, whose connection was the goal of the design proposal, through the insertion of recreational programs in the surrounding in-between space, the organization and the signage of the circulation and the room typologies, as well as the conception of a new local identity for the rooms, which until then, functioned as standard rooms to let. The purification, the highlighting and the signage of the three distinct volumes was achieved through the rejection of the typical morphological decorative elements of the 80s and through the use of 3 different earthly colors, one for each volume, that refer to the materiality of the landscape and define three different hospitality scenarios. The intervention at the interior spaces was based upon the scenarios’ flexibility, regarding the hosting potentiality, with the design of new furniture in simple lines and double functions. Ceramic materials and traditional fabrics were chosen to reflect the character of the locus in a more contemporary design approach.

Design Team:
Agapi Proimou, Panayotis Malefakis, Mary Palmoutsou
Completed 2007-2008

Hotel Renovation

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