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Pandrossou Str.



Small House


Pandrossou str. expands from Mitropolieos Square to Monastiraki Square. Along its trajectory, there are small shops at the ground level, addressing mainly the city’s visitors, selling souvenirs, jewelry, traditional products, clothing items, leather products with Greek references that form the identity of the street’s facade. The articles sold by the shops are too many and do not belong to one single category, while the mode of display - items hung all together and arranged at the threshold of every shop - is the salient, noisy image of the street during the day. During the night, the blinds of the stores are drawn, isolating the interior from the exterior, and the road is transformed into a dark, silent and isolated space. The proposal is based upon the observation that the articles sold as souvenirs of Hellenism to the visitors are variations of the same production line, as in leather backpacks, sandals, meanders, copies of statues, byzantine icons, olive trees, and sponges. In Pandrossou Str. by day, these items become invisible due to saturation. In our proposal, the items are isolated as valuable exhibits and are photographed accordingly, in order to celebrate their uniqueness. The images-portraits are related to their history or their traditional origins creating a palimpsest.

Design Team:
Agapi Proimou, Stella Pantelia
Chistrina Vasilopoulou, Phivos Skroumbelos
Completed 2015

Public Space

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