Linear Park

Nea Kydonia, Crete

Pandrossou Str.



The assignment by the Municipality of Nea Kydonia asked for the creation of a public space on Nearchou Str. that connects the old Chania-Kissamos national road with the waterfront. The road is large beyond narrow practical reasons and the result is high speed traffic. The project splits the two car circulation lanes and in between is formed a linear park and a cycling lane is designed. Priority is given firstly to the pedestrians that are heading towards the waterfront or may stroll in the park, then to the cyclists and finally to the cars. Along the park, programs and thematic gardens are introduced, such as the meeting kiosk at the entrance of the park, the botanical garden, the playground, the water square and ultimately the exhibition platform along with the amphitheater that opens up to the sea.

Architectural Competition



23 Deinokratous Str. 




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