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TMA Interior Prints | Jungle

Marousi, Athens

Folding Line

Thematic Archaelogical Museum of Piraeus


At the upper main recreational level of the shopping centre The Mall Athens operated for one year the installation Clouds. The concept was based on the construction of continuous images of cloudy skies connecting places from all over the world in big scale printouts at the top of the building. On the printouts, coordinates of the various geographical destinations were indicated. The visitors of the shopping mall, looking for the coordinates through on their electronic devices, were able to explore all the different combinations and to be found in a world-discovery game. for example, the pidgeons were sitting in Zanzibar, while a man was reading his newspaper in Peru and a yound lady headed with her tray to Delphi. The Clouds became a meeting point and a playspot in the shopping mall.The project “Jungle” acted as a continuation of the installation “Clouds” in the shopping center The Mall Athens. The second installation, that was completed the summer of 2016, reveals, through the panels of the building’s walls, a glance at an abstract, imaginary world, that is defined by a system of 3-dimensional grids. This grid defines continuums, openings to the sky and multi-leveled surfaces that create new geometries and finally a complex but well defined new world behind the building’s boundaries.The imaginary world is inhabited by jungle animals, that appear fragmented in between the openings in order to intensify the illusion of a new dimension.

Design Team:
Agapi Proimou, Stella Pantelia
Completed 2016

Indoor Installation

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