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Marousi, Athens

Preservation and reuse of a listed building



The LEGO play factory is a LEGO brick themed playground, at the third floor of The Mall Athens shopping center. A large continuous surface hosts play activities for older and younger children. According to the specifications defined by the different game themes and age groups, sub-areas-pits are designed in a single table with characteristic elevation differences on the floor. The younger children (1.5-3 years old) are at a 42cm distance from the original floor of the room, the slightly older children (3-6 years old) 28 cm above and the older (6+ years old) only 14 cm from the original surface. This is how all security measures are met, as younger children cannot reach the bricks of the older ones while they all play at the same table. Each play area is marked by a distinctive color, while interwoven pipes filled with colored bricks create the impression of a continuous production of LEGO factory bricks. The playground is equipped with sitting benches around the table for the parents, the LEGO cinema, and a perimeter LEGO brick wall-board, that defines the area of the playground.

Design Team:
Agapi Proimou, Stella Pantelia, Virginia Malami, Phivos Skroumbelos
Table Construction:
Michalis Klironomos
Completed 2017

Indoor Installation

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