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Urban Bridge

Patras, Achaia | Competition, 2nd Award




The site of intervention is a fragmented empty space with crops and dispersed green spaces between significant public and historical buildings, archaeological findings and networks with contrasting elevation differences. The urban bridge, the programs that are introduced and the soft materiality zones construct a common field - node of action and evolution of institutions, research, activity, sport, game and recreation. In the proposal, the empty landscape on either side of the road turns into a “bridge” between the Museum and the Institute, between the Garden of the former Farmers School and the Institute's crops, between the districts of Anthoupoli - Glyfada - Panachaiki. The Museum demands interaction with the city. Its operation as a modern research institution active in the life of the city requires a corresponding public space. The museum demands a square and connections to the city. At the same time, the Department of Plant Protection of Patras has broadened its responsibilities since 2016 throughout the Peloponnese and the Ionian Islands. A new modern greenhouse, a research laboratory, a new public library, and all the infrastructures of the park and the Museum contribute to its new role as an outward-looking research center. A hyper-local public space in between the Museum, the research center and the Roman Bridge, at the edge of the historical city of Patras, creates a new destination as a new cultural and research park.

Design Team:
Agapi Proimou, Alexandra Stratou, Lefteris Michaloutsos
Constantinos Moustakis, Mariantina Papadea, Lazaros Kolaxis
Study 2018

Architectural Competition

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