The Relevant Landscape

Design for a standard 4* hotel room

Thematic Archaelogical Museum of Piraeus

New Building Complex of the Ministry of Infrastructure


The three standard zones of a hotel room layout are re-examined in the context of the activities of the modern-day traveler. The relevant functional areas are neither isolated nor grouped. Instead, superimposed, moveable layers of transparent and semi-transparent glass panels and opaque fabrics, from floor to ceiling, create some softer and some harder delineations: Different areas, various uses, private/shared, interior/exterior. These negotiable boundaries are complemented by the formation of a unified landscape, integrating movement and use. This is achieved by a continuous wooden surface, folded and cut along the lines of the human body in relation to the occupant’s activities, and by a series of long, polygonal metallic beams traversing the space. The resulting overall design is proposed as a collection of modules that, almost like life-capsules, can be easily integrated and placed into an existing structure in situ.

European Architectural Competition



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