New City Hall Complex

Ioannina, Epirus

New Building Complex of the Ministry of Infrastructure



The proposal aims to restore the relationship of the modern city center to the geographical and historical symbol of the city of Ioannina, the lake. The considerable level difference (natural barrier) combined with the densely built lakefront (artificial barrier) interrupt visual and natural access, causing discontinuity. The whole configuration of the City Hall with its surrounding space, both morphologically and in terms of building program, can be realized by the intermediate place, the linkage of the artificial (city) to the natural (lake). The initial idea is for a building as a descending ramp from the level +15.0 to 0.0, from city to nature. In order for this idea to be implemented in the design process, the mechanism of a folded ribbon is used. As a continuous folding surface, the ribbon forms space, changes directions, provokes movement, indicates continuous transition from the inside to the outside and change on reference levels. Simultaneously the folding procedure is informed by the exploration of the building program. The main intention of the proposal is to process a public building and its surrounding space as an open and stimulating public place.

Architectural Competition



23 Deinokratous Str. 




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